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About The Grand Strand

The "Grand Strand" is a large stretch of beaches on the East Coast of the United States extending from Little River to Georgetown in the U.S. State of South Carolina. It consists of more than 60 miles along an essentially uninterrupted arc of beach land, beginning around the Little River and terminating at Winyah Bay. The population of the Grand Strand was 329,449 at the 2010 United States Census.

The term "Grand Strand" dates back to a November 19, 1949 The Myrtle Beach Sun column titled "From the Grandstand" and another titled "From the Grand Strand" on December 3, 1949 in the The Myrtle Beach News. "Strand" itself derives from the German Strand, meaning "beach".

The area has become a major tourist attraction along the Southeastern coast, with its primary city, Myrtle Beach, attracting over ten million visitors each season. It is home to numerous restaurants and theme parks, making it popular with families and college students in the summer and snowbirds during the winter. The Above As Shown On WikiPedia

About The Grand Strand Business Directory

After a few suggestions from his current clients as well as the earlier-than-planned success with his sites and networks and, Joey O'Connor developed the stand-alone html Grand Strand Business Directory site which will be a great compliment to all of his area online properties including, but certainly not limited to, and

Joey O'Connor is proud to be a resident of the grand strand - he lives in Conway as a matter of fact! If you should have any questions about The Grand Strand Business Directory, or would like to deal with him directly when adding your company, you will find his email address at the bottom of this page. Thanks! If you would like you can learn more about Joey and/or his other online property developments by visiting his website
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